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McPike Consulting has developed a wide-variety of solutions for its clients over the years. We are currently working on a major cost reporting system for National Geographic Television. The system helps them track all of their contacts, projects (shows), episodes, shoots, and most importantly, all of the finances that go into them. Our system is helping them save thousands of dollars.

Here are some examples of the other solutions we have created:

Project Management System:
  • Tracks projects and contacts, events, event tasks, to-do lists and notes related to the projects.
  • Tracks contacts and events, tasks, to-do lists, and notes related to the contacts.
  • Tracks expenses and billable tasks related to projects, then compiles and stores invoices accordingly.
  • Tracks e-mails sent to contacts, documents related to contacts or projects, including Word files, Excel files, photos, etc.
  • Stores sound bytes as a quick way of taking notes.
  • Generates reports as to billable hours, invoices, income per client, hours per client, etc.
Meeting/Event Management System:
  • Stores meeting planning information such as the facilities used, speakers used, a/v companies used, registration information.
  • Tracks attendance and evaluations related to the meetings.
  • Stores set budgets for each type of meeting and tracks expenses related to each meeting set up to ensure meeting planners are not going over budget.
  • Reports include attendance statistics, evaluation reports, budget reports and much more.
  • Information is stored in such a way that speakers and information related to repeat meetings do not have to be retyped.
Case Management System for Claims Law Firm:
  • Stores case information, including all contacts related to each case (attorneys, witnesses, insurance adjusters, etc) and medical information related to the claim.
  • Stores contact information, referral information, offers and demands, awards, client medical status, and much more.
  • Tracks calendar events, with quick access to key dates such as statutes of limitations and other key court dates with customizable alerts for certain dates.
  • Creation and storage of form letters so that letters that are used repeatedly can be generated on the fly and still personalized for the client or case associate. All letters are then stored in the system
  • Reports include: Case Involvement (when contacts such as attorneys are involved in multiple cases); active cases, settled cases; upcoming dates; statutes reports, and more.
Membership Database:
  • Stores contact information for all members, including history of participation in organizational activities.
  • Stores one record per company that a member is associated with – so if there are four members from one company, then the company only has one record.
  • Tracks donations that members and other contributors make to the organization.
  • Tracks events (such as conferences) put on by the organization including registration and sales related to the event (expo booths, advertising, in-kind contributions, etc).
  • Reports include: member donations, monthly & annual donations, event registrations, and more.
These are just four major systems that have been designed by McPike Consulting. Any piece of any system can be combined with pieces from any other system. We can also take legacy systems and transfer them into updated, expanded systems, as we did for a Navy contract management system.

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