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FileMaker™ Pro 10 Retail Packaging FileMaker™ Pro 10 software is the client version of the software that needs to be installed on a user’s desktop computer for use. The database system can be used on Mac OS 10 or above, or Windows XP or above.

FileMaker™ Pro 10 software is a relational database system that can be shared with multiple users at the same time. If you are only sharing with five or less users, you only need one copy of FileMaker™ Pro 10 software per user.

FileMaker™ Pro 10 Advanced Retail Packaging If you want to have more advanced developer capabilities, you can purchase Filemaker™ Pro 10 Advanced instead of one of the regular versions. In addition to the functionality of the regular version, FileMaker™ Pro 8.5 Advanced adds the following functions:
  • copy or import tables
  • debug scripts
  • create database design reports
  • custom functions
  • custom menus
  • tooltips on any object
FileMaker™ Server 10 Retail Packaging If you are going to have more than five users sharing the databases, you need to purchase another version of the software called FileMaker™ Server 8. This software actually hosts your database files and has many built-in features that prevent data corruption. The server software can backup your live data to a backup folder. You can then backup the backup folder with your regular network routines.

The server version of the software also has some robust security features. When the databases are opened and closed with the server software, it does a data integrity check on the files. It can also communicate with your network to allow for users to log into the databases through authentication with Active Directory. You can also set the server software to disconnect users after a certain time period so that they do not leave an open connection to the databases overnight.

Web Capabilities:
These database systems can also be shared over the web. For local network solutions, you can use FileMaker’s built-in Instant Web Publishing. All you have to do is check a box to turn it on and FileMaker will broadcast a website from the host computer’s IP address. This will then show the databases almost just like they would appear if the web user were actually using FileMaker™ Pro 10. There are, however, limitations in what it can do through the browser.

FileMaker™ Server 10 Advanced Retail Packaging For unlimited capabilities, FileMaker systems can be used as the back-end database using Custom Web Publishing. Custom Web Publishing is simply the building of a dynamic web site that uses a scripting language, preferably PHP, to access the database and display data to your web site. In order to host a FileMaker-based web solution, you need to purchase FileMaker Server 10 Advanced. It allows unlimited connections to the server and database files from anywhere in the world – as long as the end user simply has a browser!

As you can see, there are many different ways your database system can be set up and accessed. If you have a Virtual Private Network or have users accessing through Citrix, FileMaker can work across those network access systems too. McPike Consulting can help you make the right decision for your company.

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