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How can our solutions help you? FileMaker™ Pro software is a very powerful tool with many capabilities.

For starters, it has a customizable user interface to make access to all of your information easy and user-friendly. No Access-like spreadsheet looks, unless they are desired – then they are still available. The user interface makes it easy to perform searches on your information. You don’t have to know Structured Query Language (SQL) – simply change your mode from Browse Mode (for browsing/editing your data) to Find Mode, then type the information you are looking for into the appropriate field and click Continue. All of the records that match your search criteria will appear.

In addition to storing the attributes related to all the items you need to track, you can track numerous types of items:
  • Contacts and related information
  • Calendar events
  • Projects
  • Notes
  • To-do lists
  • Documents, photos, sound bytes, etc.
FileMaker™ Pro 10 Screen Shot
And the best part is that you can relate any type of information to any other type. You can tie notes to a project, to a contact, to an event – you can tie lists to contacts, events, or projects. Those are just a few examples.

Additionally, the software allows you to print any screen or report directly into a PDF. You can also export any data as an Excel spreadsheet so that you can forward the data to your clients. Other features include:
  • Calendar drop downs for date fields
  • True type ahead
  • Word-style spell checker
You can also e-mail contacts directly from FileMaker. You type the information into FileMaker, click send, and it creates the e-mail in your default mail client. The e-mail you sent can then be stored for easy reference in your database and can be associated with any type of data you are tracking.

Have you ever been sharing an Excel spreadsheet with multiple users? Maybe you store it on a central file server and you all have to take turns accessing the file and making changes so that nobody overwrites anybody else’s changes. Not with FileMaker™ Pro software. It can be shared by multiple users – up to 250 simultaneous users!

The many capabilities of FileMaker™ Pro software go beyond what has been listed here. To get better acquainted with the software, feel free to go to their web site and download a demo version of the software. You can do so at

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